TV Personality and Antiques Expert Auctioneer

Tim was born in Barnstable, North Devon on May 6th 1953. He was born deep in the heart of the Wonnacott ancestral roots and followed in the family footsteps to become an auctioneer. He joined Sothebys in 1978 and within 5 years became a director. He joined the BBC Antiques Roadshow in the early 90's as one of their expert valuers and quickly stamped his personality and style into the programme, much like Arthur Negus before him.
A decade on and Tim, who had often filled guest spots on other related programmes, became the presenter of BBC Bargain Hunt. His original contract was just 30 shows, his charisma and popularity has allowed this to be extended to over 350 shows.
In 2003 Tim resigned from Sothebys and together with some colleagues started Tim Wonnacott & Associates a Fine Art Agency and Brokerage.

Tim has become such an international personality that there is now a PUPPET character based upon him and his valuation services. See this on YouTube .

For more detail of Tim please visit Tim's Web Site

Many of our viewers had written informing us about Tim Wonnacott and asking why there was nothing about him on this site. We have known of Tim for some time like most of you but it has not been our policy to write about anyone without first receiving their or their family permission. We have finally managed to contact Tim and get his permission.

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