A Puppet Spoof upon Tim Wonnacott

Here at Wonnacott.org , although mainly related to genealogy and family aspects, do like to find something humurous and hopefully related from time to time.
Well, here is something very interesting. David Hellyer has a puppet workshop and also has puppet movies on YouTube.
He has created a puppet named "Wonnacott Wolf" whose character and profile is based upon and is a spoof of Tim Wonnacott the TV Personality and auctioneer.
When a character such as Tim finds comedians and puppets imitating him most certainly knows he has "arrived" with a good public recognition.
You can read more about it here at http://hellyerspuppetworkshop.blogspot.com/2007/12/wonnacott-wolf.html

You can watch a YouTube movie of Wonnacott Wolf

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