South Tawton - Are We From Here ?

In the 17th and 18th Century the church parish records though out England , which have been transcribed, indicate that Wonnacott is a very rare name and seldom is found except in Devonshire.

The areas in Devonshire which indicates a high number of Wonnacotts centre around the north of Dartmoor. The centre of interest is around South Tawton & South Zeal where there are many gravestones bearing the name.

The parish church of South Tawton holds many gravestones of the Wonnacott families

This church built at the edge of the village nestles comfortabably in the serene peace of the country side.

Photographs provided by Peter B. Wonnacott.
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This map has highlighted the villages & towns with recorded Wonnacott families over the years. (may be slow loading)

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