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lisa11426 @ aol.com

22 November 1998 06:29

I am searching for info on a Margurite Ann Wonnacott (Wonacott).She married Gustave Weimer, died in 1926 in Flint MI. I have no info. on her family. They may have been from Ohio.
Margurite Wonacott was my husbands G Mother. His Father was deaf and so there was not much communication about this. Thanks Lisa Weimer

rwoonacott @ ots.ca.gov

24 November 1998 10:25

This is simply a genealogical inquiry. My grandfather came to the States from England in the early 1900's and changed our original family name fromWonnacott to Woonacott as a result of family conflicts. If it is notimproper of me to ask... Could you tell me a little bit about when yourpart of the "clan" happened to cross the "pond," settle in, etc... I currently have family in Monroe, Michigan, and my Great Uncle moved West too, settling in Utah. Further, a small faction of the family moved to Fresno,California, however, there are no living relatives there.
To let you know a little bit about myself, and hopefully to quell any fears that you may haveabout me being some sort of electronic hack... I am a retired California Highway Patrol Officer that is currently serving as the Legislative Director for the Governor's Office of Highway Safety in Sacramento, California.
I will look forward to hearing from you soon.
Cheers and warmest regards!
Richard Woonacott
Sacramento, CA

msgtf82f @ aol.com

11 December 1998 05:10

I am Jerry Conners, Msgt Retired USAF (retired in 1969)
The historians and public relations people at McGuire Air Force Base havecontacted me in regards to a street named "Wonnacott Avenue" on McGuire AFB.They are trying to find out who this street a named for.
McGuire is in theprocess of renaming streets and they do not want to disturb historical names;
I was stationed at McGuire AFB back in 1949 to 1951 and then again from1954-1956 and and have kept a decent history of my time there. I don't havea clue as to who this Street is named after. I am also our familygenealogist thus this inquiry to you.

Do you gave any ideas or can you direct me to someone who may?

Thanks for your consideration
Jerry E. Conners
Msgt USAF Retired

Webmaster : I am also aware of Wonnacott Ave at McGuire. Please copy any response also to me.webmaster @ wonnacott.org

Nataliya Alanna Huxley

03 January 1999 13:46

I am looking for my father. I was born in Devon and all I know is he went to Saudi Arabia to work.
I have never met or seen him. I would like to find him. I was born in 1977. He was of Wonnacott family near Dartmoor.
Thank you

From: Jim Merritt
Date:18 January 1999 21:25
To:Paul Wonnacott
Subject:1952 Wonnacott Letter.

Hi Paul: I ran across a letter I've had in my files for some time,passed along to me by our cousin Fern Wonacott-Mosier. Fern has beendoing Wonacott research for many many years and has been gracious inpassing much on to me. I'll relate this letter verbatum.

Tel. Felixstowe 588
The White House, Trimley S. Mary, IPSWICH
The Ven. T. O. Wonnacott
Nov. 19th 1952

Dear Mrs. Mosier:
I am afraid that I am unable to carry you further back withyour genealogy. I have not studied the matter carefully and beencontented with such information as my Father left me. The spellingof the name varied with one N and one T or both letters. That meansnothing for people were content with anything which represented thesound of the name. It is derived from the old CORNISH (whichlanguage was similar to the Welsh), and you have the correct meaning.
As far as I am concerned I have had to be content to begin with WILLIAM W. 'tailor' of Lifton who had a brother and sister living at Crowndale,Tavistock who had issue; John who was a publican at Lifton andDunstan whos was left an orphan and was brought up by his Uncle at Tavistock.
I have a copy of the record of his Baptism "Dunstan son of William Wonacott and Margaret dis wife was baptised Febuary 25th 1759".
Dunstan had a son Richard born 1808 died 1859 who was theFather of John born 1832 died 1919 and I am his young-son born 1869.
I had a letter from a Wonnacott from Portland Oregon many yearsago who gave me several names similar to your sheet No. 7.
That there is a connection seems to be certain from thepersistence of the name Dunstan. Wonnacotts are common in Devon andthe descendents of Nicholas still farm I believe at Milton Abbot.
I am sorry I have no real information to give you.
Yours very truly
signed T. O. Wonnacott

Notes written by Fern around the pages of this letter:
My daughterGeorgia found this man's name in a book in a high school library yearsago in, "Whos Who".
Paul, I think there are some very significant points in this letter.
First- It relates the spelling errors of the name and that in early daysit was the sound that people were only concerned with.
Secondly- Mr Wonnacott says that CORNISH was the origin, similar toWelsh. Fern had passed along "Glen in the Wood" as her understanding ofthe meaning of our name and he agreed with her.
Thirdly- His mentions of a letter from a Wonnacott from Portland Oregon,
I conclude must have been from Charles Newton Wonacott, as in Charles'shistory these ancestors: William, John, Dunstan, Richard are listed.

Lastly Fern notes at the bottom of the 2nd page; A letter written May18, 1972 to Wonnacotts of Milton Abbot, Irish-Scots Lit.Advocates Library, Edinburgh from 12th Century, Welsh Lit. from 9thCentury consists glossaries, names annalls, Genealogies etc.

Hope you find this letter of interest, I'll keep up the search for ourhistory on this coast.
Best Regards
Jim Merritt

Webmaster : I have published this in full due to its very interesting information. Anyone else got something similar?

Message from webmaster:

Will Maria Anne Wonnacott born 10th April 1961 in Devon and who used our submit form on 12th Jan 1999 please email us. Unfortunately your return address was corrupted and ISP cannot find a record.

axhorn @ globalserve.net

05 March 1999 09:02

Andy Axhorn has a rare surname like Wonnacott, his roots appear to be from Devon as well. If anyone knows of Axhorn or Axhorne family connections please email Andy.

albion @ netspeed.com.au

19 March 1999 20:44

Colleen & Bob Russell of Canberra Australia are researching Bob's roots through the Robjohns family of Devon. They have come across the Journals of William Arthur Robjohns (1877-1977)(Bob's Grandfather) and the following entry:
"Our cousins John and Jane Ann Wonnacott from Liskeard spent the weekend of Advent Sunday with us to attend the 'priesting' of their youngest son Oswald in Exeter Cathedral."
1898, the approximate date of the 'priesting' of this 'cousin' Oswald. Grandfather then goes on to mention Oswald's sister Beatrice.
Has anyone a knowledge of this branch of the Wonnacott Family. Please email Colleen & Bob.

Message from webmaster:

We would like to know as well. This group does not appear in any of our current family trees.

Daphne Sabanes

27 April 1999 06:01

Subject:Re: Wonnacotts in Argentina

Please allow us to request your help concerning our enthusiastic search of our ancestor: James Herbert Wonnacott. Our relative arrived in Argentina somewhere around 1885 and we know he got married in 1887 in Buenos Aires. We also know he was born in 1859 and probably in Leeds.

Alfred Varela Wonnacott. & Daphne Sabanes

fc707610 @ ntu.ac.uk

25 May 1999 20:11

Subject:Re: Winnacott

I have recently been searching the web for others with the same surname..Winnacott.. I would very much like to know a little about the family name and whether or not there are any remaining Winnacotts in the UK. I have read most of what is on this site and that has only fuelled my interest. My family also came from the Devon, Cornwall region to my knowledge, but I am only just beginning to research into this.
I hope you somebody can help me shed some light on the Winnacott name so I can delve further into the past.
Regards, Mark Winnacott

Sam Harris Sam Harris
21 March 1999

We have also just started the Wonnacott surname. We don't have too muchbut am willing to share. My mother was a Wonnacott.We have been tryingto contact one other person, but unable to reach him by mail. We will have to call him to see if the address is right. His name is BobWonnacott and has apparently done a fair bit of research. Could you giveme abit of your family outline to see if there is any connection?Heather and Sam HarrisP.O. Box 771,Terrace Bay, Ontario,Canada POT 2WO

Richard Joseph
20 February 1999 11:11

My mother's maiden name was Woonacott her Fathers name was CharlesWilliam Woonacott, my grandfather always said his name was CharlesWilliam Claude Woonacott.
I have birth date of 1879, Flint, Mich, Father of Charles William Woonacott: [ George Woonacott,]
maybe no connection but sure some names come up that are familiar to us, I am the only family member left, and would be more than happy to exchange any info that I have, I have a small family genealogy program with some data, please advise if I could be of any help.
My grandfather: Charles William Claude Woonacott came to Ohio and raised his family of 6 girls which my mother was one of them, Charles W. Woonacott did pass away 1957.
Pleased to hear from you ::

Pat Grove
06 July 1999 16:46

I have been looking for the name Winnicott or Winnacott in Devon for years and have just downloaded the Devon Surname List. My ancestor is Eliza Winnicott born about 1803 in "Devon." As the IGI has very few Devon parishes I had come to a dead end. The few people interested in the name were like me hoping for help. I am hoping that you have some background and perhaps you have an Eliza in your tree who fits the above. Her father was William and one of her sons was named William Manuel. I have noticed the name Manuel is common in the Winnicott/Wonnacott names I have found, but have not been able to connect them. Eliza is alleged to have arrived in Sydney Australia, as nursemaid to Magistrate John Stephen in 1826. Soon after his wife returned to England to have another child Eliza married Thomas Edwards in Sydney on 1 Jan 1828. I have plenty of info of her descendants etc. but am hoping for some of her ancestors.
Can you help me please? PatG.

Mountain Park Ranch
16 May 1999 00:41

I am a new internet user and looked up Wonnacott. I am amazed there are so many. I can't believe the history. I would love more information and would like to start contacting people. can you contact me please via snail mail?

Louis Wonnacott
4221 E. Ray Rd. #1090
Phoenix, AZ. 85044

I am looking forward to hearing from you and meeting more of the Wonnacott clan. Louis

nemadsen @ post4.tele.dk

Sunday, October 03, 1999 5:43 AM

Re: Alice Heard Wonnacott

I saw website listed on the Ontario GenWeb. The sister of my great grandfather married a Wonnacott My great great grandfather was John Holmes Heard, married to Emma ?, living in St. Thomas in the mid 1800s. They had Mary, Emma, Harry John (my great grandfather), Alice, Charles and Fred. I think these names are correct. I think that Alice married Arthur Wonnacott. My mother is still active and healthy at 85 yrs. and told me recently that it was her great aunt Alice Wonnacott who came over from Ontario to Cleveland, Ohio, where my mother's family lived in 1919. I don't know if Alice Heard Wonnacott is related to any of your members, but if she is, it would be interesting to hear what is known about the family she came from.

Adie Agnew

Louise W
Sunday, September 05, 1999 9:44 PM

I was very interested to peruse your informative site (link sent to me by my sister). I am currently researching my husband's family roots and have established that the Wonnocott (note spelt with an "o") families in Australia are descended from Joseph Wonnocott and his wife Ann Ware.
Joseph and Ann were married in Bristol England c. 1835. Following Joseph's death, Ann Wonnocott migrated to Australia in 1858 on the "Stebonheath" with her children Louisa (b. 1840), Joseph (b. 1841), Clara Ann (b.1844), William Thomas (b. 1846), Steven Ware (b. 1848) and Augusta (b. 1850). William is my husband's great grandfather and I am currently researching, collating and updating as much of the Wonnocott family tree as possible.
I am interested to find out where the Wonnocott and Wonnacott's connect and would be pleased to hear from any fellow researchers especially Wonnocott connections. I can send you further details of the descendants of Joseph and Ann Wonnocott if you would like these. Louise Wonnocott (wife of Paul and mother of Benedict, Daniel and Luke)

Susan Wonnacott-Airmasters Heating Ltd.
November 15, 1999 4:25 PM
Subject: Re: Canadian Wonnacotts

My husband, Derrick Roy Wonnacott, is searching for his roots on the Internet. His father, Robert Roy Wonnacott believes his ancestors came from P.E.I., and to there from the U.K. Robert Roy Wonnacott was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1937. His father was Claude Edward Wonnacott who married Marion (Nina) Main.
Claude's father was Arthur Roy Wonnacott (from P.E.I.?) who married Katherine Stag(g)? Arthur Roy was an undertaker in WWI.
Does anyone have information on the Wonnacott family from P.E.I. and/or Calgary?

Thanks again for a great website - Susan and Derrick Wonnacott, Calgary, Alberta

From : dotsargent @ cs.com
Date : Monday, January 17, 2000 5:29 PM
Subject: Wonnacott Family Tree

My name is Dorothy Sargent. I am 74 years old and have just recently purchased a computer and have gotten online.
I have in my possession (handed down to me) a beautiful book called "The Life of Christ" by Rev. John Fleetwood published by William McKenzie in Glasgow, London & Edinburgh. There is an inscription in this book stating that it belonged to William Wonnacott dated Nov 4, 1869. Also it mentions that he was born April 26, 1833. (He died about 1910-11 in Ontario Canada). To the best of my knowledge I am his great-great granddaughter. His daughter was Elizabeth Wonnacott who married John (?) Cann.
John and Elizabeth resided in Alvinston Ontario, Canada (a small town west of London, Ontario) . If you have any other information or could suggest any other sources on William please let me know.

Dorothy Sargent

From : Leah Ralph
Date : Wednesday, November 15, 2000 12:28 AM
Subject: Wonnacott Family

I am just starting to trace my family tree and have recently obtained some new information about my Grandfather (Arthur John Horn) who was born in 1908 in Winkleigh, Devon. His parents were Frederick Horn and Alma Wonnacott. Therefore, my next step is to try and find out a little more about Frederick and Alma, for example, when they were born, married, died, how many other children they had etc. I will let you know if I come up with any facts about the Wonnacott side of the family that I think may be of interest to you.

Many thanks
Leah Ralph

From : bob.jeffries @ met.police.uk
Date : Friday, December 8, 2000 12:56 PM
Subject: Wonnacott Family

I found on your website that a relative is mentioned concerning those who fell in WW's 1 & 2.
His name was Samuel Yelland Wonnacott. He is remembered on the war memorial and roll of honour at Stoke Newington Town Hall, London, N16.
Samuel must have lived in the borough, as did my mother all her life. My mothers maiden name was Titlow and my grandmothers maiden name was Kate Wonnacott. I believe that Samuel was her brother.
My understanding is that the family originally came from the Plymouth area originally.

Do any of your members have any further information on Samuel or Kate. Now that I know about your website I will see if I can dig up anything else of interest. If I do I will let you know.

Many thanks,

Bob Jeffries

Date: 1/25/2004 19:39:10 -0600
From: "Darryl Lee"
To: webmaster @ wonnacott.org
Subject: Wonnacott All headers I came across a Ann Wonnacott, first married a Pethick, then Daniel Kinsman about 1835 Week St Mary. I am related to this family would you have anyone that you know that would have information on this family.
Darryl Lee
drskld @ hotmail.com

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