The Reunion of 1932

"Here are two pictures taken at a "Wonnacott" reunion around 1932. Open your Family Album or "old shoe box" and see if you can recognise anyone. Please let us know"

"Pictures gratefully supplied by Tom Wonnacott twon1243 @ aol.com "

Tom's sister Dolores, who was about three years old the time of the reunion only remembers that it was either held in Canada or Michigan, and a boat ride was involved to get there. Tom has confirmed that the newspaper clipping below does indeed relate to the same event.

From a newspaper clipping, pencilled with date 1932, and content forwarded by Justin Wonnacott from Belleville. justinwo @ ca.inter.net

First Reunion of Wonnacott Family

Clan Gathers at the Old Wonnacott Homestead at Port Bruce.

The first re-union of the Wonnacott family was heldl on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of last week, at the home of L. A. Wonnacott, Port Bruce, the old Wonnacott homestead.
Credit for the organization of this first re-union is due Mr. Charles W. Wonnaeott, of Copenhagen, who was instrumental in getting over one hundred relatives present at this first gathering of the clan. They came from many yoints in Ontario and Michigan, and a number of them had never met before. The old Wonnacott homestead was an ideal spot for such a gathering and everybody had a splendid time by the lake- side,for the weather could not have been better.
Long tables were placed under the big trees in the yard and the family all enjoyed their meals to-gether.

So successful was the re-union that it was decided to make the gathering an annual affair, and the following officers were elected:
President, Chas. WV. Vlonnacott, Copenhagen; Vice- president, John T. Wonnacott, Buffalo; Secretary, Genevieve Pettit, St. Thomas; Treasurer, Lorne Wonnacott, Pt. Bruce; Executive committee, Albert and Wm. Wonnacott,Belleville; Geo. Wonnacott and Margaret Broesamle, Detroit; Peter and Martha Wonnacott, Buffalo; Harold Wonnacott and,Mrs. Nell Dark, London.

It was decided to hold the reunion about the middle of July next year, at the same place, at the old homestead at Port Bruce. There is to be a big sports programme, including a baseball game between the relatives from the U. S. and Canada. The re- union will no doubt be a still bigger event next year, when more relatives will plan to attend.
The Wonnacotts originally came from Devonshire, England, in 1852. It took six weeks to cross in the sail boats of that time. One or two families settled in Prince Edward Island and the rest of the families in Malahide Township. C. W. Wonnacott,of Copenhagen, received the prize for the oldest man present (73), and Mrs Annie Pinneo, of Port Bruce, for the oldest woman present, (over 80). Mrs; Mary Wonacott, of Belleville, came the greatest distance, and Catherine Genevieve Grainger, of Copenhagen, aged 6 months, was the youngest member of the clan present.

The following members of the Wonnacott clan with their families were present at this first reunion: Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wonnacott; Mr and Mrs. William Wonnacott, Mrs. Mary Wonnacott, of Belleville; Mr. and Mrs. John T. Wonnacott, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wonnacott, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wonnacott, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Wonnacott, Mr and Mrs. Samuel Wonnacott, Mr and Mrs. Peter Wonnacott,Mr and Mrs. Walter Hourt, all of Buffalo, N.Y. Mrs Ida Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. J. Delzer, Lancaster, N.Y, Mr and Mrs. L. R. Broesamie, Mr. and Mrs Geo. A. Wonnacott, and Mr. and Mrs Geo. Wonnacott, of Detroit, Mrs. Amy Grigg, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. H. Wonnacott, Mr and Mrs. Frank Dark, Mr. and Mrs. J. Baskette, Ed. Wonnacott, of London; Mr amd Mrs. Harvey Pettit, St. Thomas; Mr . C. W. Womnacott, Mr. and Mrs Wm. Grainger, Mr. and Mrs B. Crosby, Mr. and Mrs. Drynan, of Copenhagen; Mr. and Mrs. Partial Welter, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Welter, Earl Welter, Luton; Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Wonnacott, Mrs Annie Pinneo, Mr. and Mrs. L Baxter of Port Bruce, Martha Wonnacott, Buffalo, Harold Wonnacot and Nell Dark of London. -

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