Many of our group , or "long lost cousins" which may be a more suitable term , have all been sharing our information which we learnt at our mothers knee. Some are going even further and now contacting all our known relatives for additional details.
This of course takes time and as they continually provide more details , others assist in building family trees from this information when collated with official or written historical records .
Each one of us is like a small leaf on that tree, the seed of which produced the first root so many years ago. Like a leaf our "autumn" will come and we should share our secrets with each other and the new "buds" which will give them a sense of belonging to that same tree.

The biggest task is trying to explore the "growth rings" or history now that the branches have been cut and those cuttings are now rooted in far away soils.

One thing which we have found very interesting is the careers that the current generations of Wonnacotts have chosen. It is especially noted , unbeknown to some of us until now , how well known others of us have become in their own specialist fields.

The detail on this site is bought about by the collective efforts of all our members. It has, over the past four years, become the repository for all incoming information. It is collated and published on this website as it achieves a presentable form. Each member/contributor usually acknowledged on the page where his/her contribution is placed.

Paul Wonnacott our webmaster is the only the person who collates and creates the pages etc. All his records are kept on Family Tree Maker files.

When a member "joins" they will either post an enquiry, send in some information on a continuing basis as and when it is found , or post in a complete family tree. Wonnacott Family Members and Contributors will be given the option of having their email address/ web site URL published on one of our pages.

In turn the will collate that information with that submitted by others, note any links to other families etc.and put you in contact with identified members of the same tree etc. may approach you for additional detail or request for concentration at a specific family generation in order to complete a tree. The tree is then published.
By operating this way we bring together long lost relatives and assist our contributors by collation and dissemination of our collective information.
All we ask of our members is to thoughtfully respond to any request for information from other members which will assist them in their own research, if you are in the position to provide it. We will all be gratefull for any information received or by introducing new Wonnacott family members.

It is's objective to maintain information on these pages for the benefit of all those interested including the Wonnacotts to date that have not been and contacted or who have not previously contacted us. We also regularly update all the particating Wonnacott's members by regular email.

When this project first started in 1997 there were few genealogy resources on the internet and Paul's Home Pages ( where this site originates from ) were one of the first and the only one dedicated to Wonnacott.

No information or records are sold or provided to any commercial parties or companies, including commercial genealogy companies.
However our larger tree records, when mostly complete are forwarded to the LDS Church as a resource to Family Search , which is reknowned for its vast genealogy records and which many of us have used their microfiche facilities and lookups in the woldwide chain of LDS Family History Centres associated with their churches.

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