It is known that the "Wonnacott's" were a farming community in Devon in the early 1800's. There is still a "Wonnacott Farm" there today. A number of viewers have emailed us to tell us of a town or village called Wonnacott shown on the Ordnance Survey maps. However a town or village it is not , it is the Farm mentioned here.
Many of the Canadian and American families indicate their forebears sailed from Devon, often from Exeter.
From a start in farming in Devon it appears this was the first apparent occupation taken up once arriving in Canada and the USA.

Generations on, many of us have taken the opportunities offered by a good education and indeed many of us take a prominent place in our chosen professions.
Amongst our long lost cousins there is an artist, photographer, computer software expert, medical doctor, an electronics technical author, an astrophysicist, electronics & communications infrastructure consultant and a well reknowned economist.

The following pages include further details of the historical links, past professions and
include details of the current "Wonnacotts on the Internet."

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