Arscott Wonnacott, born 1812,Devonshire, England, sailed from England to Canada in Dec 1832 with daughter Grace,aged 15 months. The first son, George was born on the boat, Dec 6th 1832.
Arscott took up farming in Ontario, Canada and George later married Louisa Lincoln , cousin of President Abraham Lincoln. They established a farm in Gratiot County, Michigan.
George was the great-great grandfather of Lee Wonnacott. Lee's Grandson has been given the middle name Arscott in memory of his ancestor. We have subsequently found out that "Arscott" is genuinely Gaelic and means "Iron Shield" in Breton. As it is also a fairly common surname in Devon/Cornwall one assumes it is also the same in Kernowek.
Arscott's Tree

Great Grandfather James Wonnacott was a farmer at Warmhill , Hennock , Devonshire , England according to Paul Wonnacott who works in Malvern , Gloustershire , England. Paul also points out the many Wonnacott gravestones at South Zeal , a village 10 miles from Thornbury where the history points to a number of families.

John Wonnacott sailed from Devonshire , England in 1817 and settled in Charottetown , Prince Edward Island , Canada to become a shoemaker . Steve Wonnacott in Prince Edward Island is the 6th Generation from John and also confirms another P.E.I   family of Wonnacotts who were farmers and have since deceased.
His tree here

Paul Wonnacott whose family are from London , Ontario , Canada tells us his great grandfather came from Devonshire , England in the late 1800's . He also informs us about "Wonnacott Common" in Vermont and its link to Erica & Bruce. (no relation he adds)
Gordon Paul's tree

Emily Jayne with her family in Belleville , Illinois have been doing some homework. She tells of two brothers who came from England , possibly Exeter , Devonshire. One settled in Chicago and the other in Utah. Her family are from the Chicago lineage.

Justin from Ottawa , Ontario , Canada indicates he is from the Belleville clan.
He also indicates relatives from the Port Bruce area . Although he admits his family have little hard evidence of their background it is understood the family originated from SW England and has also found the commonality of the name in Devonshire, England.
Justin has sent in a copy of a newspaper article about a Wonnacott re-union around 70 years ago. The detail appears on one of our web pages.
Justin's tree

Paul, in Singapore, is the eldest son of Charles(deceased 1996). The Paul's younger brother Peter still lives in the UK as does his sister Ruth. Charles father was also named Charles.
Paul's grandfather was a carpenter by trade firstly working as a stage carpenter and then served in the Army as carpenter where his prime duties were to maintain the wooden caravan built between WW1 & WW2 and was later used by Field Marshall Montgomery. This caravan is currently exhibited at the Imperial War Museum in the UK. Paul's Grandmother Ethel used to be on the West End stage under the name "Hope Trevellyan".
Grandfather Charles had a cousin Freddy Green who was the son of a Devon farmer and subsequently moved to Suffolk and started a farm there. Paul has memories of visits to that farm over 45 years ago. The family has come from Kilkhampton, Cornwall originally.
Paul's tree

Cheryl Siemens is the great grandaughter of George Wonnacott (1852-1912) from Calgary. George was the son of John Wonnacott from Weare Giffard, Devon, UK who imigrated to London, Ontario, Canada. John's father Robert lived in Clovelly, Devon, UK. Cheryl has emailed a GEDCOM file for her branch of the Wonnacott family.
Cheryl's tree

Trish Parr is the great grandaughter of Thomas Wonnacott and Emma (Emily) Moore from Arva outside London, Ontario. Thomas' family originates from Devon, UK. Trish is a cousin of Cheryl.
Trish publishes a website on Canadian Geneology.

Glenn was raised in Michigan, the son of Glenn Wyant, moved to Chicago and then Florida where he lives currently. Glenn's grandfather was Laveres Wonnacott from Michigan. Here the mystery deepens as grandfathers birth certificate indicates he was born May 23, 1896 in Newark, Michigan as Lesserious Wannicott, to Arthur Wannicott (farmer) and Arminda Wannicott. No one knows why he changed his name to Laveres Wonnacott. Glenn has a son Trey who obviously is just as intrigued.
Glenn's tree

Ken Murray is the son of Rosemary Murray (nee Wonnacott) and the nephew of Mildred Wonnacott. Ken wishes to know more about the family lineage.

Daniel Wonnacott was born in Allton , Illinois , the son of Lowell Warren Wonnacott and grandson of George Dewey Wonnacott.
Tree here

Gerald Richard (Jerry) is the son of George Richard Gilray Wonnacott and has heard stories of family reunions in Ontario. He is tracing back through records for more family details.

Colin Wonnacott is the son of Jerry and tells us his Grandfather was George Richard Wonnacott who asked a Charles Newton Wonacott to research some history.Charles came up with various spellings (which we know today) and concluded they came from the Welsh "Waen on coedt" which means "Glen in Wood". and not Devon/Cornish.

Frank William Wonnacott, the grandfather of Mark, was the youngest of a big family whom left England for Utah in the late 1800's. Frank had seven chilren, four boys and tree girls. One of them, Mark's Uncle Clarence is reknowned for his work at the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mark's father is Charles William .
Mark mentions two brothers, David Merrell and Matthew Paul. David lives in Philidelphia and has a PhD in Biochemistry, whilst Mathew, the former speech club officer at Dixie College, is now a USAF doctor .
see this tree

Frank was born in Okehampton, Devon, UK just a stones through away from Thornbury. He then lived in South Zeal for 18 years and now lives in Letchworth, Herts., UK . He is finding more details of his family history.

Thomas Wonnacott , the grandfather of Dr Susan Wonnacott, came from Holsworthy, Devon. He moved across the county line into Cornwall. He settled in Gunnislake and married Emma Jane Bennet in 1901. Thomas had three sons, Cyril, Ewart & Gerald. Gerald is Dr Sue's father who ran the sub postoffice in Callington, about 5 miles from Gunnislake. Thomas's father was Richard who was a farmer. Dr Sue tells of three suppossedly unrelated Wonnacott families in the town of two thousand families.

Ian says that some branch of his family are farmers in North Devon, UK. His father is the yougest of six children. He also tells us his eldest Uncle Bob went to USA at the age of 11 years,eventually married and raised a family there before he died. Out of Ian's fathers siblings he has one aunt and one uncle still living both in Devonshire UK. Ian is going to research more details.

Richard Tudor Wonnacott from South Africa indicates his domicile is due to his grandfather Richard Henry Wonnacott coming to SA from Redruth, Cornwall, UK, via the USA. His grandfather worked in a copper mine, possibly Bingham Canyon, USA and moved to SA to become a gold prospector. Richard's father was one of five children, two brothers and three sisters. All five have since deceased. Richard's Great Grandfather was Thomas Wonnacott "a farm labourer" married to Susannah Heard. Richard has contacted his cousins in SA to see if they can fill in some details which he and his brother David Owen hope can be collated.
Richard's tree

Keith lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland with his parents and two brothers, Colin and Paul. Keith's father is Ernest Desmond John Wonnacott. His family is also interested to trace back their origins and will try to gather some background information on the immediate family. Ernest has a brother Raymond is living in Rochdale in the UK.
Keith's tree

William Raymond Wonnacott emailed us from Rochdale and tells us that although his first name is William he is always referred to as Ray(mond). He was born in Ireland and moved to England in 1972 and is a computer instructor. Ray also tells us his father was born in Wales and lives in Haverford West, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Ray's tree

Jason Mark Wonnacott has asked how he can help and contribute to his family line. Jason is also interested in the Marlborough family name.

The Reverend Donald Wonnacott in Canada tells us he is the cousin of Paul (the economist) and informs us that one branch of the family indeed lived in Devon. However he also indicates another branch from Staffordshire. In 1981 during a visit to Okehampton, Donald was lucky to meet a farmer, Harold Wonnacott, which is coincidental as Don's father was also Harold. He also tells of a Mrs. Wonnacott who during a 1991 visit he made arranged the flowers at a Hatherleigh church .

Brendan Wonnacott lives near Sacremento but originally his family came from Salt Lake City. Brendan is the oldest of two brothers, the other being Skyler. Both were born in Salt Lake City.
Their father is Todd Wonnacott and mother is Carole (Dunn). Todd is the only son of Edward Wonnacott and Kathyrn (Dana). Although Brendan does not know must of the past family he wishes to learn more and wishes to be in touch with other Wonnacott's.

Evonne emailed us to tell us she is related to Wonnacotts as her mother in laws mother was Bessie Wonnacott, daughter of Freddie Glen Wonnacott. Freddie was a son of George Wonnacott. George was the son of Arscott (mentioned at the top of this page). She also tells us that Arscott was one of 6 children born to Thomas & Mary Wonnacott at Thornbury.
Rebecca - b1799
William - b1802
John - b1806
George - b1809
Arscott - b1812
Thomas - b1817

Elizabeth tells us her husband Doug, is from the "Belleville Clan" and they now live in Hamilton. Her father-in-law George ran a jewellers shop W. Wonnacott & Son, which was founded by his father around seventy years ago.
She also believes the Belleville families are related to the London, Ontario families. She also says her father-in-law thinks the family originally came from Devonshire , England. Elizabeth's mother-in-law, Alice, has just taken a course on the Internet and sent us her first email in which she tells of the family coming from Devonshire, England and settling in Nova Scotia before moving further west.
View this tree

Ian MacEachern informs us that his mother is a Wonnacott from PEI and says he can trace the family back to the mid 1700's in Canada. He looks forward to learning more about his ancestry.
Ian's Wonnacott tree

Kirsten Wonn contacted us saying she has reseached her name "Wonn" and believes it is shortened from Wonnacott saying that immigrants often changed their name in some way. She want to know more and suggests that as both names are so unusual and alike that she wants to find the common link at some point in history.

Gerardine sent an email to say she is the wife of the late Bill Wonnacott. Bill was one of five children.William, Jeanine, Nancy, Robert & Susan.
Jeanine, Nancy, Robert & Susan all live around Southern Ontario.
Geradine & Bill's four children are Michael, Peter, Marie and Julie Ann.
William's tree

Dr Gavin Wonnacott, a minerals engineer, and his wife, Lisa Charlotte (nee Pacey) emailed us with some family information.
He tells of his grandfather William Ernest Wonnacott from Devonport who married Katie-May Prideaux from Cornwall in 1937. Their son David married Winifred Ann Brinscombe who had a son David (Gavin's father) and daughter Margaret who married Peter Goddard.
Grandfather William Ernest when widowed married again and had another son Terence. Terence married Jean around 1963 and had two daughters Ann and Emma. Ann studied at Imperial College and has written several academic papers under her name.
Gavin's tree

Nick Mayne from Paignton , Devon, UK tells of his Grandfather Charles who married Mary Ann Wonnacott in Black Torrington, Devon in 1845. Mary was the Daughter of George Wonnacott and Mary Hern who lived in Tetcott. George & Mary are confirmed as living in Tetcott at census 1851, 1861, 1871 when they moved to North Tamerton by census 1881.
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Cheryl Lynn Wonnacott is from Chatham, Ontario, Canada and has a brother Brent Christopher. Her father is Wayne who married Linda Margaret Walker. Cheryl's Great grandfather was Frederick Wonnacott who had a brother George. Her Grandfather (Freds son) is Stanley Wonnacott.
Cheryl's tree

Dodie Wonnacott is a college student and tells us that her grandfather was Richard F Wonnacott originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Luisiana during WW2.

Karol MacIntyre (nee Chase) from Westlock, Alberta is married to Lawrence MacIntyre. Lawrence is a son of Viola Bessie Mae Crick by her second marriage to Ian Joseph McIntyre. They has six children. Viola is a daughter of Bessie Crick (nee Wonnacott). Karol and Laurence have two sons, James & Keith and one daughter, Tracy.

Allan MacIntyre from Red Deer, Alberta tells us his Grandmother was Bessie Crick(nee Wonnacott) and he is the 6th child of Viola Bessie one of her daughters. He tells us that Bessie had 12 children by Charles Crick.
Allan is married to Valerie Lynn Elgert and they have two daughters Margret and Dana.

Cathy Benedict from Michigan is a descendant of Arscott Wonnacott. Cathy is the fifth generation of Grace (Arscott's daughter) and George Copeland. Grace & George had a daughter who married to become Elizabeth Dangerfield. In turn her daughter Pearl married into the Hoffman family. Pearl's son Frederick Loren Hoffman had a son Ivan Paul Hoffman who is Cathy's father.

Bert Richard Wonnacott is a son of Clarence (LDS Hospitals)and he tells us that his great-grandfather sold up his "Fish and Chips" shop to immigrate from England to Utah. Both Clarence and Bert's uncle Vaughan are mentioned on other pages on this site. Bert is working with his uncle Vaughan trying to piece together all the little stories and put them into some historical perspective.
Bert's tree"

Jim Merrit tells of his family of Wonacott. He is a descendant from William Wonacott - a tailor of Lifton, Devonshire, UK in the mid 1600's. Jim also relates the same story as Colin from the same Charles Newton Wonacott.
Kenerly Buckingham Wonacott was a Methodist Episcopal circuit preacher in Missouri based in Wheatland. Jim's Great Grandfather Kenerly was married four times and had fourteen children, eight sons and six daughters. Jim's mother Virginia L Wonnacott is the daughter of "Ed" a son from Kenerly's fourth marriage.
Jim's Wonacott tree

David Richard Wonnacott is from Detroit Michigan and married to Victoria Lee Baker. and has two sons, Mathew David and Andrew John. Davids father is Denton who lives in Pentwater Michigan. David's Grandfather came from the UK. David of course would like to find his ancestral link to other Wonnacotts.
David's tree

Peter Wonacott emailed from Biejing where he and his brother Evan live and work. They originate from Portland, Oregon and have another brother Timothy who still lives in Portland. Their father Paul passed away in 1991.
Peter and Evan's Wonacott tree

Clifford John Wonnacott from Australia is the son of Clifford Stanley Wonnacott (1933-1970) from Alderham, Herts, UK and the grandson of Clifford Stanley Wonnacott (1895-1978) Paddington Middx, UK and great-grandson of James Wonnacott (1849-?) Kilkhampton, Cornwall. Clifford has sent family details and documents which link his family to those of Paul R Wonnacott and also to Martha Goerzen from the George Wonnacott/Mary Jane Horn (deceased) of Whitby, Ontario , line.
Clifford John's tree

Gary Glenn Wonacott is one of five sons of Luther Garrett Wonacott. His brothers are Clyde, Paul G, Porter L & William C. They are from the "High Sierras"of California. They would love to broaden their historical knowledge of the Won(n)acott name of which they are extremely proud.
Gary Glenn's family

Tom from Buffalo, NY, tells that his father was Thomas, as was his great grandfather. He indicates that his family is understood to come from Prince Edward Island. Legend says one brother stayed at PEI, another moved to the Canadian mainland and the other to New York.Can G-G Thomas be the son of John Wonnacott & Mary Jane Hamm and of whom we have no current direct descendant detail?

William Roger Wonnacott has sent in his family tree linking them to Thomas Wonnacott via Charles Henry son of George & Mary (Derry).
Wiliam R is the father of Laura who have both been members of our group since very early on. William Roger's tree

Mary sends information on her Great Grandfather, William Wonnacott of Heathfield, Devon, England . Her grandmother Lily Edith was one of William's seven children . She immigrated to the US and settled in Michigan.
View tree

Mike & Avril write from "The Forest of Dean" in Gloucestershire, UK. His family come from Plymouth in Devon. His father was Francis William Wonnacott and his Grandfather was William Wonnacott. William worked on the Western Daily Press in Bristol. Wiliam's brother was a director of the Plymouth Co-op as well as being a rally car driver in the Monte Carlo rallies bewteen the two World Wars.Mike also notes that in his travels he lived for a while in the small village of Helmdon in Northamptonshire. In the village church is a stained glass window dedicated to a Wonnacott who had been vicar some time in the past. Although in Mike's family there is a shortage of males making the thread very thin he is very interested to trace back and find out if his Plymouth family are connected to the other Devon Wonnacotts.
Mike's tree

Joyce Wonnacott Barrett from Columbus Ohio was sent details by her brother James Willard Wonnacott. Joyce's father is Walter Thomas Wonnacott who has a brother Robert C Wonnacott. Joyce is now trying to find some genealogy data done by Charles N Wonnacott in 1945. She believes this leads her family line back to William the tailor from Lifton, Devonshire.

Danny Wonnacott lives in York. His Grandmother is Catherine Wonnacott and lives in Milton Keynes. Danny is the son of John & Jennifer Wonnacott and has a sister, Katie. They were both born in Northallerton.

James Wonnacott was born and lives in Callington, Cornwall, England. He can trace his ancestry back to Thomas Wonnacott (1678). James is currently converting his information into a file for submission.

Mark Ross Wonnacott was born in Barnstable, Devon. He tells of his parents living in Torrington, Devon and his grandparents who ran the village shop at Bishops Tawton, near Barnstable, Devon in the 1920-30s. Mark is now trying to document the family history and share with us.
Mark's tree

Chris, Jean, Marie & Adam Wonnacott from Cornwall in the UK are keen to provide information and are doing a little research first.

Carloyn Kimmings( nee Wonnacott) is the daughter of Ernest John Wonnacott. Carolyn lives in Surrey but is in close contact with her father in Cornwall. Together they are compiling information on the family tree.
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Mark Wonnacott was born in Highgate, London and lives with his mother in Kingsbury, London. Mark & his late father John William knew his grandfather Maurice. Maurice left Alicia (Mark's Grandmother) when his father was only three years old and never seen again. Recent efforts by Mark to trace his history points to Maurice serving in the RAF during WW2 and passing away in St. Albans, Herts. With no other leads and detail to go on Mark has now no other information. It is not known if Maurice had any siblings etc.

Maurice Wonnacott & Alicia Braddock(d.1994)
John William Wonnacott( b.26-07-1927, d.01-11-1988)& Lucienne Falzon
Mark Wonnacott (b.04-03-1957) Sandra Wonnacott(b.22-11-1960).

Susan Hill is the Great Grandaughter of Sarah Jane Wonnacott from Morwenstow. Sarah Jane married a Richard Harris at St Andrews Church, Stratton. Sarah's wedding certificate names John Hayle Wonnacott (labourer) as her father. Sarah also had a brother William, who is believed to have emigrated to Canada. Sarah & Richard had their firstborn child Freddrick John on 3rd March 1898 at "The Bush" public house Crosstown, Morwenstow. Sarah and Richard then moved to Llanelli in Wales before 1908 when the daughter Eliza was born in Wales.
Richard's brother John ran the family farm , Westcott Farm, Morwenstow which is still in the family today.
Susan has also come across "The London Inn", Kirkhampton which is run by a Wonnacott (no christian name given). He seems unrelated according to Sue. She also tells of a Frank Wonnacott who used to be at "The Tree" public house at Stratton where Sarah married Richard so many years ago.
Susan is a member of Cornwall History Society and asks to join our group in trying to find more about her Wonnacott lineage.

Robert G Wonnacott (Bob) tells us he is the 2nd Generation Robert of the Francis tree shown on our pages. He will be sending further details of his large collection of Wonnacott names and families made over the past few years.

Terrence Wonnacott tells us he is related to Dr Gavin. Gavins father David. David is Terry's nephew. Terry's family roots orininate from Barnstable, Devon. His father was Ernest William (1884-1949). Many of the family were shipwrights in the naval dockyards at Devenport. Terry is delving further into the family archives and hopes to share more information with us.

Father Brian Smith emailed from St Peters Church, Lower Edmonton, London, England with news of the Rev. Bryant Wonnacott. He served this church from 1904 through to his death in 1910. The other interesting part of this story is that Rev. Bryant Wonnacott was assistant chaplin at St. Andrews Cathedral here in Singapore between 1886-1889.
Article composed by Paul R Wonnacott from notes supplied by Fr.Brian Smith.
St Peters website is at

Nigel Wonnacott from Ontario Canada is married to Roxanne. He tells of his family originating in Plymouth, Devon UK. Both Nigel's brother and parents live in the Middle East. His grandparents Cyril & Joan passed away in 1996 & 1997.
Nigel's tree

Evelyn Adams tells us her grandmother's Aunt married Charles R Wonnacott in Tavistock Devon before immigitrating to Calgary, Canada. Charles owned a successful saddlery shop in Calgary. The son Arthur Eugene Wonnacott was a high school teacher and principal in Calgary. He married Marion. Evelyn is trying to find out more, especially about Charles' brothers and their families.
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Nancy Munroe emailed in to say she is related to Thomas and Mary Dennys. Nancy's G' Grandfather was Charles Parish from Milton Damerel, Devon . Charles was the son of Elizabeth Mountjoy, daughter of Edmund Mountjoy and Sarah Wonnacott. Nancy has details of Thomas and Mary Dennys m. 14 Jul 1698.
It is believed that Thomas Wonnacott & Mary Dennys are ancestors of Thomas and Mary from Thornbury Devon whose family settled in Ontario and Michigan.
Nancy's tree

Lynn Ford(nee Wonnacott) tells of her father from South Zeal and moving to Helensborough, Scotland. She also indicates her grandmother and aunt still live in South Zeal and also has uncles in Exeter and Plymouth.

Maria Wonnacott lives in Exeter. She is the daughter of the late Charles Percival Wonnacott. Her father died when she was only 5 years old. She also mentions grandfather Claud, and G. Grandfather Richard. Richard came from Newton St Cyres and had a brother Percival who drowned in the river at the age of 11.
Maria's tree

Dorothy Sargent has joined the Internet world at the age of 74. She tells us that she has a book "The Life of Christ" written by Rev.John Fleetwood. In this book is an inscription to William Wonnacott, Nov 4, 1869. To the best of Dorothy's knowledge she is the g.g.grandaughter of William. William's daughter Elizabeth married John Cann and they lived in Alvinston, Ontario.

Shirley Prymak is the great grandaughter of Anna Maria Wonnacott, the daughter of George Wonnacott and Harriet Pay. She currently does not appear on the Thomas Family tree and once Shirley has found a little more information yet another arm of this tree may be identified.

Neil Wonnacott is the son of Martyn Wonnacott from Horns Cross in Devon UK. He says his grandfather had a least seven brothers and sisters in and around the Clovelly area.

Rev. James Michael Wonnacott is the son of William Norman Wonnacott. His Grandfather is Sidney Alfred Wonnacott who settled in Detroit.
James is a clergyman of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod and serves the Lutheran Family Services as pastoral counselor.
James's Tree

Gary Dean Wonacott is the son of Eldon Dean Wonacott and the grandson of Monty Wonacott. Gary has a copy of the "History of the Wonacotts" by CN Wonacott.

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