Lee Wonnacott ( Leroy Basil) spent my years in the aviation support industry. He then moved into Web Publishing, Site Maintenance, Content Management. Whilst managing a motel he found time to setup and operate a number of websites as well as take an active role in the motorcycle fraternity. http://www.roadsandriders.com. Lee has been an avid contributor and researcher for wonnacott.org in the past . He has now setup http://www.wonnacottfamily.info which compliments wonnacott.org and is also well worth the visit.

Steve was formerly a boiler and pressure vessel inspector for the provincial government of Prince Edward Island. Steve's wife Barbara is the mother of Christopher , the seventh generation of Wonnacotts in Charlottetown ,PEI , although they have recently moved as Steve now works for Kraft.

Paul has a Ph.D. in Economics, and is best known by way of his books, some written together with his brother Ronald. The book "ECONOMICS" published by McGraw-Hill (ISBN 0-07-Y66648-2) is widely used as a text book in most Economics courses taught throughout the world.
He has also experienced service with the US Council of Economic Advisors looking at international economics policies under the President George Bush (Senior) administration.You can find details Here

Ronald is Paul's brother and also has a Ph.D. in Economics and Professor of Ecomonics at University of Western Ontario.

Thomas is Paul's brother and is Professor for Statistics and Acturial Sciences at University of Western Ontario

Emily is a college student majoring in biology at Southern Illinois University. Her aspirations are to become a Vetinary Surgeon which may take her back towards the farming roots.

Justin is a reknowned photographer and artist, living in Ottawa , Ontario , Canada. His works are often exhibited and he teaches, lectures and writes articles on photography related subjects. His website can be found at http://www.aregeebee.net/rgb/mine.htm

Victoria is the sister of Justin. She is a reknowned artist in her own right and has her own website

Paul, here in Singapore, is an electronics and communications consultant running his own company.
He has a company website at http://www.tcc.com.sg and is the webmaster of this site wonnacott.org as well as thegrittons.org which is his maternal family line,

Sarah, daughter of Paul R Wonnacott, lives near Reading and is a qualified State Registered Nurse. After some years in nursing and private medical insurance is now the owner/operator of Molly Maid Swindon franchise, see http://www.mollymaid.co.uk and enter "Hungerford" in the town box.

Glenn set his own company "Airtrack" which he ran for over 20 years and subsequently sold to Forecast International . The company website can be found at http://www.airtrack.com

Trey (Glenn III) is a Petty Officer First Class at the Trident Refit Facility , Kings Bay , Georgia.
One of his last sea assignments was on USS Pennsylvania where Trey was in charge of the tests of the ships defensive weapons and computer system.

Dave has a Ph.D. and is an assistant professor of computer science at Haverford College.
Dave has web pages at http://www.cs.haverford.edu/people/davew/

Paul from the UK has a PhD in Computer Science working for the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency in Malvern, Worcestershire, doing research on Parallel and Distributed Simulation.

Trish Parr is webmaster at Parrs Publishing.or directly to the Canadian Family History News. The site contains some genealogy data.Trish is interested in the Parr family as well. Trish runs a section on her site "Proud to be Parr"

Laura Wonnacott is the former technical director for electronic equipment reviews with "Infoworld" magazine. She has previously reviewed and reported " The Enterprise LANMeter can troubleshoot.....etc April 1996.

Daniel Wonnacott lives in Fremont , California and works with Unisys Corp. as a customer service engineer maintaining mainframe computers.

John Henry Wonnacott lives in Leigh-on-Sea near Southend in Essex. He is a very well known artist and portrait painter, whose most noted works include a Centenary Portrait of the Royal Family commisioned for the late Queen Mother's 100th Birthday.

Mark tells us that his Uncles have done a lot of geneology work which is on file at the Salt Lake Geneology Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mark has recently finished up at military school and returned to his wife and children.

Professor Dr Sue Wonnacott is reknowned for her work on the effect of drugs and stimulants upon the brain. She is with the School of Biology & Biochemistry at the University of Bath in the UK.

Frank is currently living in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK after being born in Okehamptom and then living in South Zeal for 18 years.

Richard Tudor Wonnacott in South Africa is with the Directorate of Surveys and Mapping and is SA's representative on the international group for geodetic surveys ( calibrated positions by GPS). His brother David Owen has recently been appointed Managing Director of Cape region Heritage Insurance brokers.

Richard's son Andy has a company specialising in Digital Video Productions

Ian Wonnacott is a former student of Exeter University in the UK.

The Rev. Donald Wonnacott is at the Onondaga-Salt Springs Community Church at Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Jim Merrit is a Radiologist for an orthopedic clinic and Barbara , his wife, is with Medic Alert. Jim is a former sub-mariner serving in the US Fleet Balistic submarines.

Peter Wonacott is with the Asia Wall Street Journal working out of the Associated Press office in Delhi, India.

William R Wonnacott is retired. He is the former VP of the FW Woolworth Company and saw 42 years service with FWW.

Martin Wonnacott is a Photographer in London, UK. He is setting up his website at http://www.wonnacott.com .

Kevin Wonnacott is a lawyer and is a director for a law company in London, England. Kevin is Martin's younger brother.

Danny Wonnacott works at York University as an electronics technician in the Physics Department.

James Wonnacott was formerly Town Crier of Callington. This is an interesting occupation stretching back to times before newspapers. James full time job however is that of an IT technician in a school and he lives in South Petherwin.

Mark Wonnacott founded a Motorcycle Accessories Mail Order Company named EQUINOX originally based in Kingsbury, London, England.The website can be found at http://www.equinoxmc.co.uk/

Robert G Wonnacott is a retired plant facilities manager, formerly with Croven Crystals Ltd. He has joined the Internet fraternity recently since his retirement.

Jay Wonacott is a specialised Marriage Counsellor with the with the Roman Catholic Church in Portland, Oregan

Ed Wonnacott runs a restuarant "Colton's Steak House & Grill" in Springdale, Missouri. Some members have already eaten there and tell us it is well worth the visit.

Philip & Jane Wonnacott belong to a family of Dairy Farmers in Devonshire, UK. Philip and his farm were featured in a BBC Television documentary.

Marc Wonnacott , is an Artist and maintains his own website at http://www.accessv.com/~ipaint Marc is the son of Rev. Donald H. Wonnacott.

Fritz Wonnacott runs a Macintosh Computer support agency in Gowanda, New York . He is also webmaster for Professional Cycle Marketing

Geoffrey Wonnacott formerly from Parkham Ash, near Bideford in Devon has moved to Southway, Southwell BP , Portland, Dorset. Geoffrey handmakes miniature period furniture which has built him a worldwide reputation which includes holding Masterclasses in the US and Canada.
More here

Paul Wonnacott is the managing director of Vectair Systems Ltd in Basingstoke and Louise Wonnacott is the Marketing Manager

Brian Wonnacott was born ad raised in Chagford on Dartmoor. His memories of past times are here for all to share.

Anthony Wonnacott is a member of Waltham Abbey Snooker Club

Bruce Wonnacott is an instructor in the martial art aikido

Alan Wonnacott is also an aikido instructor .

Daniel Wonacott has expertise in Programmable Intelligent Controllers (PIC) and has his own company.

Richard Wonnacott is an English Poet. His website is Here. Richard is the brother of John Wonnacott the reknowned artist.

After a number of years as press officer for Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Nigel now has his own consultancy company. Nigel is the son of the poet Richard Wonnacott.

Derreck Wonnacott is a bit of a Ubuntu Guru

Elizabeth Wonnacott of Wheat Ridge, Colorado is a contempory artist painter Her website is Here

Marilyn Wonnacott from Malta is a member of the cabin crew for Air Malta. She has a website Here

Michelle Wonnacott of NSW Australia together with husband Simon operates Michelle's Pilates Place

Jane Wonnacott is well known as a social worker with a number of publications. She operates her own consultancy in Hazlemere, Surrey and Derek Wonnacott looks after the finances.

Bill Wonnacott of Farmington Hills, Michigan runs Thread Grinding Service, Inc.

Michele Jarvis Wonnacott and Mike Wonnacott of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada adopted two dogs dog obediance training school whilst Mike is the photographer operator of K9 Photography

Roger Wonnacott is an artist from Redruth, Cornwall. His website is Here

Mark Wonnacott LLB is a highly respected barrister specializing in property law. His profile is here

Jeremy Wonnacott in Malta is the official photographer for the Department of Information of the Malta Government. He is lucky and gets to travel on official state visits etc. His photographs appear on Maltese Government websites and publications as well as in "Times of Malta" newspaper.

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