Vaughan wrote to us from UTAH and enclosed a chart of his family "pedigree" as he nicely expresses it. His greatgrandfather was Robert married to Elizabeth Blackmore. They lived in Torrington, Devonshire, UK and had eleven children. The eldest, William was Vaughan's grandfather who with his grandmother, Elizabeth Beavis had twelve children. The seventh child, Frank William is Vaughans father.
Vaughan is also one of seven children . Vaughan himself is a greatgrandfather and proposes to visit the LDS FHS centre in Utah to find out more.

Curtis from Ann Arbor has written in to inform us of his lineage. His great-greatgrandfather, John, (1806 - 1878) was a shoemaker from the UK who settled in Charlottetown P.E.I. John's eldest son was also named John(1839 - 1933) and inherited his father's business. It is known that there were three other sons.
One, Issac (1843-1924) went to Buffalo and worked on the railroad. Issac had five sons and five daughters. The youngest son Silas (1896 - 1972) was the father of Curtis his only son. Curtis has a son, James, who lives in Pittsfield, Massachsetts.
This information has indicated Curtis is descended from the same imigrant John (1806-1878) as Steve who currently lives in P.E.I . and is already one of our group.
Curtis does not have a computer or email.
Steve and Curtis have since both been informed about each other.

George writes to us from Santa Fe Springs. George was born in Spokane Washington before the family moved to Montana. George's father was a butcher. George talks of many younger family but admits he is the last of his generation. He also offers to send some detail on the family history.

Jeffrey Wonnacott wrote in from Newcastle-upon-Tyne UK. He gave details of his family both back two generations and forward through to the youngest . All this time his family have been resident around the village of Blaydon just outside Newcastle. His forefathers all worked in mining. Jeffrey has always been aware that the Wonnacott name had SW England origins. Although neither Jeffrey or his family have access to the INTERNET he has provided some family tree details. We wonder , with the closure of the tin mines and the copper mine outside Thornbury, whether Jeffrey's Grandfather (Jeffrey) was a descendant of original miners who re-located to the North of England.

Graham Wonnacott wrote in from Leeds, Yorkshire, UK giving us some information on his family. Although his precendants are no longer alive he is trying to find out more. Graham remembers his father saying that grandfather had an argument with the rest of the family and that there was relations somewhere in the South of England. Graham has sent a family tree of his immediate family but is going to research more and hopefully be able to add to it.

Samuel W F Wonnacott sent a letter from Wooton Basset, Swindon, Wilts, UK. He tells us his grandfather was William Wonnacott (1845-1920)of Chilsworthy, Devon.He has a cousin living in Holsworthy, Devon who will be enlisted for some help.
He says that William had a brother (Jack or John?) who went to London to join the Metropolitan Police. It is believed that Jack had many sons in the "Home Counties".

Jean Wonnacott from Tetcott, Holsworthy, Devon has told us she only has the bare bones in detail. She is also in possession of a bible that Marwood John Wonnacott recieved from Woodacott Sunday School in 1882. A gravestone there indicates he was born in Thornbury (1869-1906).
Jean also indicates that both her parents and those of husband William "Bill" came from Thornbury. Jean's eldest son John married Susan whose mother was also a Wonnacott. Jean is searching further to find a distant connection. When the warmer weather comes Jean intends to go Thornbury and do some checking.

Olwen Wonnacott(nee Williams) lives in Rudgway, near Bristol on a farm. Olwen herself is Welsh and married Cyril Wonnacott in 1970. The farm is near Thornbury in Avon and Olwen says on a visit to Shebbear she saw road signs to Thornbury in Devon.
Cyril passed on in 1992 but has a daughter from a previous marriage to Bessie(d. 1967) who lives about half a mile from Olwen. She also gave details of Phylis Mercer whose Great Grandfather was Reverend James Wonnacott (b.1829) and whose husband is Rev. John Mercer. Olwen has sent Phylis & John some detail in Queensland, Australia. Olwen also says that Cyril's second cousin Trish Burns has done some Wonnacott research.

William L. Wonnacott wrote from Kingsbridge, S. Devon. He told of his roots at South Zeal some three generations ago.William is already a great grandfather. He is the son of William Alfred and grandson of William from South Zeal. Most of his family live around Kingsbridge.

Violet Wonnacott from Birkenhead Merseyside, wrote with lovely steady handwriting at 85 years of age. She was apologetic not to be on the "e-mail". She told of her father-in-law who came from South Zeal and moved to Cwmbran in Wales with the railways and then worked in the steel mills.
Her late husband Roy Alfred Wonnacott served in the Merchant Navy during the war and passed on 21 years ago. Violet still lives on her own but daughter Carole lives a couple of miles away.

John & Phyllis Mercer have written from Queensland Australia. Phyllis is the Great granddaughter of Reverend James Wonnacott (1829 - 1887).
As well as enclosing the family tree they have recorded his history in a book "No Time to Sleep at His Post". ISBN 0 646 24808 1. and sent a copy. Details will be found elsewhere on this site.

Charles Wonnacott from Launceston, Cornwall provided some details of his father, brothers & children. all live at Lauceston or St Giles.

Margery Wonnacott wrote in from Okehampton, Devon. She tells us her grandfather was born in South Zeal in August 1878, the son of George and Harriet (nee Knott). Although George had several brothers and sisters they have lost contact over the years. Margery would be interested to to find some of these relatives and renew family ties.

Joan Gruncell (nee Wonnacott) from Egham, Surrey is the daughter of Daisy J Wonnacott of South Zeal. Joan has a rough family tree and after tidying it up has agreed to send it on. Joan confirms that there is quite a concentration of Wonnacotts in and around S Zeal currently and most of them seem connected somehow.

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