Clarence Wonnacott
Clarence was trained in hotel administration. Upon his return from WW2 he was asked to reorganise the LDS Hospitals. Using his hotel experience he set about reforming the hosptitals into efficient machines together with providing a service to the patients of high quality and care. He served as administrator from 1946 - 1962 when he was then appointed executive director of the LDS Hospital System. In 1970 Clarence was then appointed Assistant Commissioner of the LDS Health Services Corporation.

Since 1975 the LDS Hospital organisation has been reformed and named as Intermountain Health Care (IHC). IHC has published a book "The Story of Intermountain Health Care" (ISBN 0-9646476-0-5) which chronicles the history since the first years of The Council of Health in UTAH during the mid 1800's through to current times. The book describes much of Clarence's involvement over the decades together with his "foreword" introduction.
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Sqn. Ldr. Gordon Wonnacott   DFC & Bar     RCAF No.J9868
Gordon was born 10th October,1914 in Edmonton,Alberta, Canada and worked on his fathers farm before enlisting in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was posted to the UK in Feb 1943 and joined No 414 Squadron in July as Flight Leader. In Nov 1944 he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and promoted to Squadron Leader. He once again showed gallantry and in Feb 1945 was awarded the associated Bar to his existing DFC. He returned to Canada and was demobilised in October 1945.

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A fuller account can be found at http://www.airforce.ca/wwii/ALPHA-WO.html

Reverend Bryant Wonnacott
He was ordained in 1883 and from that year until 1886 he held a curacy in the North of England. He afterwards spent two or three years at Singapore (1886-1889), where he was the acting chaplain of the Forces and assistant chaplain at St. Andrew's Cathedral. He was also for a short time at Hong Kong (1889). Returning to England he was curate at St. Michael's, Hackney from 1889 to 1892, at Fulham until 1896, and at St. George's, Enfield Highway, until 1900, when he was appointed Vicar of the last-mentioned parish. He remained in that capacity for four years, and then received the offer of the living of St. Peter's, Edmonton, when it was relinquished by the Revd. E.J. Austin. He died on 11th. November, 1910.
His main concern was the poor of the parish. He often wrote in the parish magazine and the local press about the poverty of the district. "Oh that great factories might be built on the marshes, that regular work might be found for the men", he wrote on one occasion. He instituted free meals in the parish hall for the children of poor families twice a week, and often appealed for clothing and plum puddings "because the women did not even have stale bread".
From 1909-1910 he was on the Sanitary Committee of the Edmonton Urban District Council and also on the Joint Smallpox Hospital Board. He was an Urban District Councillor for Edmonton from 1909.
Shortly before his death, he was appointed vicar of St. John, Uxbridge Moor, but did not survive to take up the post.

This article supplied by Father Brian Smith, the former Vicar at St.Peters, Edmonton.

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Reverend James Wonnacott
John Wonnacott was born in Shebbear and baptised in St. Michaels Church (1768).His son James was also born & baptised in Shebbear (1802). As a carpenter in the early 1820s he moved to Tiverton to work later becoming a grocer. His son James was born 1829 and went on to become a minister. Little is known of his training but was inducted into the Congregational pastorate at Morley, Leeds in 1854.
Rev. James was to start a family line where there was at least one ordained priest in each generation right up to present day. His son Bryant is mentioned directly above whilst his daughter Kate married Rev. Ernest Beresford-Cooke who was renowned for his work "The Sign of the Cross in the Western Liturgies". published in 1907.
The Book "James Wonnacott - No Time to Sleep at his Post" (ISBN 0 646 24808 1) deals with the whole life and history of this interesting man and includes many BW photographs and runs to some 150+ pages. It has been written by John Mercer whose wife Phyllis is the great granddaughter of James and is on sale for UK (5.50 pounds)and Australia (A$12.00). The book can be obtained directly from
North Tamborine 4272
Phone/Fax 0755452720
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Rev. Philip Mercer is the son of Rev John Mercer(author of the book) and Phyllis. Philip is the latest ordained priest in this family line.

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