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Many members over the years have asked about "Wonnacott Farm", where was it, is it still around?

The answer is it is still around. The farm is currently owned and operated by Paul and Rosemary Yells.They are currently in the long process of lovingly restoring the Farm House and Buildings , using the old crafts and traditional materials of the era.
Address: Paul and Rosie Yells
Wonnacott Farm, Lewdown, Okehampton , Devon.
At the same time the farm has moved into totally "Organic" farming practices, which has meant a lot of preparation and preventative measures put in place in order to obtain full UK Organic Certification .
A range of Organic Products are produced such as Turkeys, Beef and Lamb.
The farm is not open to the public. Please remember that when the weather is nice they are working hard from dawn to dusk, so if you are in the area on your holidays, please don't ask or expect an invitation.
You may however visit the Wonnacott Farm Website Here

Previously the farm had been in the hands of the Perkins Family who operated the farm as riding stables and accomadation.
Here is a "vintage brochure" from the days before modern glossy presentations.

Reproduced with kind permission Paul and Rosemary Yells

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