About Wonnacott Meadows & Wonnacotts Road

As early as 1756 the "Okehampton Field Book and Survey " recorded a plot of land as Wonnacott Meadows. The land comprised of two meadows and a shed on an area of around 3-4 acres.

The first residential properties were built on the land during the early 1930s .
Later in the 1950-60s the local authority built additional homes and a new road. This road was called Wonnacott Meadows in respect of the original name of the land. The council later changed the name from Wonnacott Meadows to Wonnacotts Road, which still today is a "No Through Road" which only goes to the properties built on Wonnacott Meadows.

Details supplied by John Wonnacott (Bideford, Devon)

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