Type of Bricks Used in Brick Masonry

Masonry is a wide field that caters to both stone and brick masonry for which both fields are used in different kind of platforms. Here we will talk about the type of bricks that is used in brick masonry. 

  1. Sun Dried: These bricks are often used in structures that are temporary. The preparation of these types of bricks only involves 3 steps known as the clay preparation, the molding part and lastly the drying process. These bricks are then laid out under the heat of the sun. It is always helpful to take note that because these bricks are not very useful when it comes to building structures that are permanent because it is resistant to water and fire and has very little durability. 
  1. Burnt Clay: There are 4 classifications of burnt clay bricks 
  • First Class: This class of burnt clay brick is dominant among other classes when it comes to durability. It is molded through table-molding and burnt through the use of huge kilns. These burnt clay bricks have your traditional brick shape which has edges that are sharp and surfaces that are smooth. Moreover, these are used for structures that are permanent unlike the first mentioned, which was the sun-dried clay brick. 
  • Second Class: These undergo through a process called ground-molding. Like the first class, these are also burnt through the use of kilns, however because the method used for molding is through the process called ground molding, unlike the first class, these bricks have no surfaces that are smooth nor edges that are sharp. The shape of this brick is irregular unlike the first class. 
  • Third Class: These bricks, unlike the first 2 classes have no chance at being called durable. These brick lacks water resistance so it’s not very useful for areas that experience a lot of rain. Like the second class, these bricks also went through the ground molding process. Thus, theses have edges that are not sharp instead unfair and rough instead of smooth surfaces. 
  • Fourth Class: These bricks come in last in durability. These bricks are so poor in quality that it is not used for construction purposes. 
  1. Fly Ash:  As the name suggests, these bricks are made of water and fly ash. When it comes to quality, these bricks come as superior compared to bricks that are made of clay and is very good when it comes to resistance from cycles of freeze thaw. Since these bricks have a lot of calcium oxide content that is commonly used in the production of cement, it has been tagged as a brick that is self-cementing. These are the type of bricks that are very light when it comes to weight and is very good for structures. One advantage of these bricks is their great resistance to fire.  
  1. Concrete Bricks: These bricks are very advantageous when it comes to convenience and cost effectiveness because it can be manufactured directly at the site of construction. You will also be sure of the quality because you are the one investing in the materials involved. 


Now that you know more what materials goes through the masonry field, feel free to get help from the experts regarding any concern related to masonry. Masonry in Framingham offers both stone masonry and brick masonry!